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Upcoming Training Sessions: 

Friday, October 27th, 6pm-9pm, in English @ Blessed Sacrament- The Holy Family Center

Domingo, 29 de Octubre, 6pm-9pm, en Español @ Blessed Sacrament- Lower Level Classrooms 

Friday, November 10th, 6pm-9pm, in English @ JMU Catholic Campus Ministry (Grace Hall)

Sabado, 18 de Noviembre, 6pm-9pm, en Español @ Blessed Sacrament - Lower Level Classrooms

What is VIRTUS?

VIRTUS is an international agency dedicated towards protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse through education and awareness. This program helps to safeguard our communities from the horrors and scandals the Church has witnessed far too often in its history. By empowering our community members with knowledge and avenues to report suspicious behaviors we can work together to protect our parish and provide support for those who may be victims of sin. 

How to Get Registered

1) Take a look at available sessions by clicking this link here:

    Select "Richmond, VA (Diocese)" in the dropdown bar.

    Look for sessions hosted by Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church (Harrisonburg) or Online Webinars.


2) Use this step-by-step guide to create an VIRTUS account, sign up for a class, and complete a       

    background screening through the VIRTUS Online Website.

3) Attend your VIRTUS training. 

4) Volunteer and keep our community safe. 

If you have any questions or challenges with this process, please contact our youth minister, Austin Evans via email at Thank you for volunteering!

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