The Diocese of Richmond implements the need expressed by the Catholic Church to sufficiently train and support her catechists by offering a catechist training program called Pathways. All parish catechists in our diocese are invited to attend this one-day, instructor-led, interactive program of prayer, learning, and reflection.  This training is for all who lend a helping hand on the faith to adults, youth, and children in our parishes. Locations and offering vary, but are available on the diocesan website at



The protection of minors and the provision of a safe environment for all programs of the Catholic Church in which minors are present, is the utmost concern of the Diocese of Richmond and our parish.  In pursuing this goal, all who are 18 years or older who serve in programs which involve children or youth, are provided training in safe environment issues through VIRTUS, a national training program.  These sessions are held at Blessed Sacrament as well as other various locations around the Diocese. It is a free program.



We could not be more excited to welcome our families back to church and back to in-person classes for the coming school year! The last 15 months have been difficult, to say the least, and we are hoping and praying that your lives have been more peaceful recently and that you are looking forward to joining us for classes this year. 

As always, the earlier you register, the cheaper the cost for your family.  We will have three cost tiers, with the super early bird pricing beginning July 6th. See the registration forms for full pricing and deadline details.  You can bring these forms with check or cash to the office or click above to register and pay online. Classes will begin September 19th.  You must be registered by  Sept. 1st  to guarantee a classroom spot on Sept. 19th.

Speaking of classrooms, our programs continue to depend on YOU, our volunteers! With over 400 children enrolled in RE/YM in a “normal” year, we truly need everyone who has a child involved to help with the programs.  You would always work with a team, never alone. Consider sharing time with your child by participating as a volunteer in the program so you can see what they are learning in class…be a part of their faith journey here at Church! 

Email is our main method of communication.  If you have an email address, please print it neatly on the registration form so we can add you to the group list.  You will be communicated with via Flocknote email about what is happening in RE/YM and updates on upcoming events and meetings.  If you don’t have experience with Flocknote, it looks like a regular email in your inbox. 

We feel so blessed to be able to be a part of so many children and teenager’s lives as they build the foundation of their own faith.  Religious Education definitely begins at home, but we can help it to grow richer through experiences here at Church.  Please know that we are here if you have any questions or need to voice any concerns.  As always, we are here for you too, not just your children. Holy Family, Pray For Us! 


Valerie Blanton                               Hope Ogden
DRE for Religious Education        Youth Minister

WHAT WE ARE OFFERING​/Lo que Estamos Ofreciendo

Children's Church

(Ages 3-5)

Takes place during the 10:00am and 1:00pm Masses. 

Elementary (Grades 1-5)

11:30-12:40 each Sunday listed on the RE calendar (above).   Children are divided by their current grade.


(Grades 6-8)

11:30-12:40 each Sunday listed on the YM Calendar (above) in the Holy Family Center.

Life Teen

(Grades 9-12)

Every other Thursday evening at HFC from 7:00-8:30 p.m. We are emphasizing small group connections and time together in Adoration this year. Please check the Youth Ministry calendar above for specific dates.

Homeschool is an alternative program for RE/YM.  
For more information about Homeschool, please contact Valerie or Hope.   


We will not accept any late registrations for Sacraments this year due to our late start.

No aceptaremos registros tardíos para los Sacramentos este año debido a nuestro inicio tardío.


Using Dynamic Catholic's Decision Point program and workbook, we meet for 10 classes total, twice a month for one hour and 15 minutes. Sundays from 3:00-4:15 p.m.

Must be 15 years old by Jan. 1, 2022 and baptized. Must also be enrolled in Life Teen this year. Must attend a Confirmation retreat.


6:30-7:45 every other Tuesday beginning in November.

For children at least 7 years old and unbaptized.


Must have completed RE last year and also be enrolled this year in addition to CHICCA classes. 

First Holy Communion

Offered Monday evenings 6:30-7:30pm Jan-March

Must be at least 7 years-old and baptized.


Must have completed RE last year and also be enrolled this year in addition to First Communion classes.

Please click the button above for further information

on training to become a volunteer for these programs.