Women Voting


Council of Catholic Women

A parish organization open to all the ladies of Blessed Sacrament.  We focus on providing financial support for unfunded parish needs, serving the parish with our time and talents, and providing a social community for our members.  We oversee other parish ministries as many current participants are working in conjunction with us. We are proud of our annual Cookie sale fundraiser, so make sure to always stay tuned when it should occur in December.


Carol Miller


Women Voting


(In Spanish) Gives Praise through songs, prayer, and reflections every Sunday evening 6pm to 8pm in the Church. All are welcome. 



Jose Amaya


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Legion of Mary

This ministry carries out many works, such as: door to door evangelization, schedule visits of the Pilgrim Virgin, contact people on the streets to establish relationships with people away from the church, and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 

¡Lo invitamos a participar! Realizan trabajos como: Evangelización de puerta a puerta, visita de la Virgen Peregrina a los hogares, contacto callejero para establecer relaciones con personas alejadas de la Iglesia, visitas a personas enfermas, y devoción al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. ¡Los esperamos!

La Legión de Maria

(Virgen Digna de Alabanza) Coodinador: Edilberto Bautista

Se reúne todos los domingos a las 7pm en el salón #3 en Johnston Hall.

La Legión de Maria

(Virgen Poderosa)

Coodinadora: Alicia Bravo

Se reúne todos los domingos a las 8pm en el salón #2 en Johnston Hall.


Faith In Action

Faith in Action is a coalition of congregations and service groups in Harrisonburg/Rockingham County. The model of this program involves a yearly process of listening, researching, proposing solutions, and gathering together with local leaders to ask for solutions.  A similar program has been exceedingly successful in Charlottesville. 



Barbara Melby



Friendship House

This ecumenical program provides free weekly meals on Thursday mornings at 11:00 am in Johnston Hall. The meals are provided by a variety of local area churches scheduled out one year at a time. Four teams of volunteers from Blessed Sacrament do the setup, serving, and cleanup on a monthly basis.  We welcome new volunteers for this rewarding ministry. The Christmas meal is a favorite among our regulars.

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Open Doors

Is a winter shelter for the Homeless run by a consortium of Harrisonburg/Rockingham places of worship. The shelter moves locations weekly.  Our church hosts the week of Thanksgiving where we provide overnight shelter, along with breakfast and dinner each day. Although we typically host a second week in February, we do not supply the volunteers for this week. Many volunteers are needed to provide meals, or to spend the night with our guests. 

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Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen

 aka Table of Brotherhood

Members of Blessed Sacrament and other volunteers serve a hot meal to our special guests each Wednesday at 4:30. Volunteer opportunities are available for the following positions: meal provider or coordinator. Meal providers prepare the meal every other month in a specified week.  They do not have to be present for the meal, and can drop off food at their convenience. Coordinators and their teams serve once a month. They set up, serve, and clean up. What a wonderful way to serve God’s hungry children in our community!



Karen Knorville




Knights of Columbus

An international men’s fraternal and charitable organization. Business meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month. Rosary at 7:00pm and business meeting at 7:30pm in Johnston Hall  All events are announced in the bulletin as well as the parish calendar.


Please contact Kevin McLaughlin at 

kofc9488@gmail.com for more information or to become a member.


Food Pantry

The Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry serves 850 to 1000 families a month. Most of the food comes from donations of local stores emptying their shelves. Some of the fresh foods and frozen meats we purchase from the Blue Ridge Food Bank to supplement the food that we give. Our clientele may come twice a month Tues-Fri from 10am to 2:00pm and leave with a great helping of food for their families.



Barbara Warns



Haiti Outreach

Through this ministry, parishioners of BSCC fee and sponsor tuition for approximately 100 students to attend one of two schools run by St. Isidore parish. Additional family sponsorships provide needed resources for especially at-risk individuals who have no other support, often due to age or infirmity, and to teachers who work in the parish schools. 

BSCC also provides regular financial support to help the church's administration and to aid with various projects and priorities directed by their pastor and local leadership 

The all-volunteer ministry is funded through: direct donations through the parish website; the second collection on the first weekend of each month; and monthly sponsorship contributions, either through the first-weekend collection or via the website.

Contact: Dave Fritz |  540-255-9973 | david.c.fritz@gmail.com