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Altar Guild

This ministry is responsible for the cleaning & ironing of all liturgical linens as well as vestments used for mass.  Volunteers are needed on a rotating weekly basis.


Contact our Parish office or Liz McDavid, after the 5pm Mass, for more information.

Altar Servers

Altar servers must have received their first communion and be in 4th grade to participate.  Children are needed at weekend Masses, weddings and funerals.  Scheduling is done in advance and training is required.



Rabia Lieber

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

The participation in this particular ministry is during the mass, during the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the central celebration of our faith; where we truly encounter and are in the presence of God.



Alma Hale-Cooper

Ministers to the Home-bound and Shut-ins

We are lay people who, after training, bring The Body of Christ to those members of the parish who are not able to join us during the celebration of the Mass. This is a ministry that is very flexible. Ministers and the people they visit work out a time agreeable to both for visitation. Training is provided and you can shadow someone as long as you need to. This ministry is always in dire need of support and volunteers. Sign-up today,


Elizabeth Fierro


Those who volunteer for this ministry have special role during the mass, as they take part during the Liturgy of the Word. Each mass involves two readers, known as the commentator and scripture reader. Do you feel called to be a lector?


Fr. Silvio

Liturgical Arts and Environment

Have you noticed how often the decorations and artistic environment of the Church changes?  From our weekly Masses, to changes in season, to our key Masses throughout the year, our celebration needs your artistic sense and creativity.


Warren Little

Ushers and Greeters

Ushers and greeters are the silent security during the mass as well as directing parishioners in our sanctuary, especially during celebrations of mass, where large crowds develop. A monthly commitment is the basis for this ministry as it’s scheduled out a month in advance. Do you feel called to serve in the serene shadows of our Liturgy? 


Brett Sinclair

Music Ministries

Share the gift of your love of music and passion for the Lord. The ministry coordination as a whole is done with one of our staff members, Janet Edmondson, who also works in conjunction with the Spanish choir (led by Marin & Lorin Sanchez). English choirs practice/meet on Mondays and participate in the corresponding weekend Masses.



Janet Edmondson

Nursery Volunteers at Mass

During the 10am Mass on Sundays, the Parish nursery is available throughout the year for children from the ages of one to three years old. Which means we are also open for recruitment of any/new adult and teenage volunteers! As always, VIRTUS is required.


Breckin Walsh

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