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We can understand how hard it is to lose a loved one unexpectedly. Here, at Blessed Sacrament, we try to keep things simple and less stressful for you & your family. We do not charge for our funeral services and we also provide the music for you. 

You will need to contact the office to set up a time to meet with the priest of your choice. During this meeting, we will assist you in choosing readings, music and to gather detailed information that the office may need.

Click here for detailed information on Planning & Understanding a Catholic Funeral.


We understand that in a moment of loss, being alone is not an option nor should you have to worry about certain things in preparation for the burial of your loved one. That's why our ministry works hard with the community and in sharing in God's love, by providing you support for your reception needs, should you need it. We humbly ask that our ministry be provided with a minimum of 48 hrs notice so that we can better assist you. Please let the office know, if you would like our assistance.

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If you would like to volunteer and help assist the priest or deacon in celebrating the Rite of Christian Burial, please contact the parish office. The funeral rites normally take place during the daytime, so a flexible schedule is important.

Duties include:

  • Preparing the altar, religious artifacts, and incense.

  • Possibly serving as a Lector.

  • Cleaning up after the ceremony.

  • Welcoming/greeting family members at the doors.




Contact Janet Edmondson, our Music Director, for funeral music planning.

But first, take the time to view her wonderful "funeral music planning" videos, below.

Click here for a list of suggested hyms.

Music used with permission by OneLIcense # A715619

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