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Adult & Family Life


(Young Adults Ministry)


Are you in your 20's or 30's and looking to connect with other Catholic, young adults in the area? The Young Adult Ministry meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month. Email to join our email list.  

"Would you enjoy faith opportunities to learn more about the deeper meaning behind the “rules of religion.”  The next generation of church leaders is learning in our schools today and it is commitment to provide students with ways to understand.  Catholicism 101 classes, retreats, bible studies, and prayer groups are some of the many ways students may nurture their faith in Christ."

Blessed is She Women's Group

The ministry for all women of the parish to grow together through pray and fellowship. We meet for small group studies, rosary home dinners for the whole family, liturgical season prayer journal groups, book club, and also serve the women of this parish through mother’s blessings and meals for new mothers.

For more information, or to be added to the mailing list, contact Emily.

Faith in Fibers

Join a creative and humbling group that provide a unified class on past lost arts in needlework. Please contact for more information:

Thursday Morning Scripture Study

Meets weekly in the church library from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm. They study all things Catholic, including: books of the bible, writings of the Popes, writings of saints, and more. All are welcome.


The Cursillo is a Lay Catholic movement that takes its name from Cursillos in Cristiandad, Spanish for “short courses in Christianity.” The Cursillo is an opportunity to examine and celebrate yourself, your relationship with Christ, and your relationship with the Christian community. The joy of knowing Christ is such that it produces the desire to introduce others to Christ. This is the perfect opportunity to refresh one’s soul! For more information contact parishioners Karen & Roy Norville at:

Building & Grounds

Our Parish always welcome's voluntary loving and caring for the property, that's why if you are able to assist in snow removal and/or any landscaping work, contact our Parish office. We are always wanting to make sure parishioners as well as guests are safe and feel welcomed!


Warren Little

Messengers of St. John Vianney

An anonymous group of Parishioners who commit to daily prayer and on special occasions will treat the Parish Priests to show their gratitude. Messengers' identities are kept from Priests; communications via email.

Please contact the office if you wish to join this ministry.

Grupo Kerygma

& Alabanza



(In Spanish) Gives Praise through songs, prayer, and reflections every Sunday evening 6pm to 8pm in the Church. All are welcome. 


Jose Amaya


Council of Catholic Women

A parish organization open to all the ladies of Blessed Sacrament. We focus on providing financial support for unfunded parish needs, serving the parish with our time and talents, and providing a social community for our members. We oversee other parish ministries as many current participants are working in conjunction with us. We are proud of our annual Cookie sale fundraiser, so make sure to always stay tuned when it should occur in December.


Carol Miller

Quinceañeras (Spanish)

Parents should contact the office by phone or email, six months before the desired date for the blessing. 

The Quinceañeras are required to go through three classes and a retreat. They must also be registered to receive religious education classes and be in the process of receiving their Confirmation. Please contact the office to register for classes.

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