The Sacrament of Marriage

"On behalf of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church parish, we extend our congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding and marriage. It is our hope that your marriage will bring you blessings throughout your lives. The staff at Blessed Sacrament is happy to assist you in these preparations at this important time in your life together. Wedding arrangements are certainly necessary and important but we hope that you will not lose sight that Marriage is a Sacrament – a sacred sign of your love for each other in Christ. Christ abundantly blesses your love. He enriches and strengthens you to undertake the duties of marriage in mutual and lasting fidelity. Please accept our prayers and sincere best wishes for a happy wedding and a joyous married life."

-Fr Silvio Kaberia-

Timeline: Please contact your priest 6 months prior to your wedding; this is to allow for all documents required for this sacrament by the parish and Diocese, to be acquired and that everything be in order for the blessed event. In order to be married by the church, you must supply the parish office with your baptismal certificate; without this the Parish/Diocese has no valid way to ensure the sacredness of this sacrament in confirming that you are Catholic and "free" to marry your fiance. If you do not have your baptism certificate, you can contact the parish in which you were baptized and ask for a certificate “with notations.” For a full wedding packet from our parish with also helpful information, email the parish office at: Non-Catholic Christians will need to furnish evidence of baptism and can coordinate further with priest.

You should have your all your certificates ready to hand in on the first day of preparation with the priest.

Meeting with the Priest: The priest and/or deacon will meet with the couple about once a month to discuss the sacredness of the Sacrament of marriage and all that it entails (the promises, the responsibilities, etc.) If the couple is coming from another Diocese, preparations should take place in that Diocese.


Prepare/Enrich: Since the time of engagement is a time for increased communication as well as the couple's ongoing discernment, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church provides this relationship analysis program as a tool to help the couple. A member of the parish will be assigned to work with you. There is a $30 Marriage Assessment Fee.


Unveiled: The Diocese of Richmond offers a one-day retreat called “Unveiled.” The facilitator uses both video and print media to aid in the review and reflection over a variety of themes. Registration is found on the Diocese website. To ensure availability, click on the "Unveiled" text above. There are also other possible programs such as the Pre-Cana retreat. These programs are all meant to enrich the preparation experience for the couple.


Other Resources: For more marriage preparation resources please go to



  • Use of the Sanctuary – $250 for Parishioners & $450 for non-parishioners.

    • A $150 deposit (place holder date) must be provided upon booking the Sanctuary (After you meet for the first time with the priest). This deposit is then deducted from your overall $250/$450 Sanctuary use balance.​

    • The registered parishioner sanctuary fee is based upon the couple or one party of the couple, being registered with our parish prior to their first meeting with the priest.

    • Use of Sanctuary remaining balance is due in full, a month before the wedding date.

  • Parish Wedding Coordinator  – $100

  • Altar servers – Donations are accepted at your discretion

  • Liturgical Services - Donations are accepted at your discretion

  • Musicians – Please contact Janet Edmondson for more information & fees. (Communication with musicians should begin as soon as a deposit is placed for the wedding date, to assure availability.)

A donation may be given at the discretion of the couple to the celebrant of their ceremony.

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